Infrastructure & Amenities


Our institutions includes all the basic and modern infrastructure for hospitality students : 

Basic Training Kitchen

Our basic training kitchen for hospitality studies and culinary arts provides all appliances and amenities for a modern service-grade kitchen. While the students bring their knives and tools to the table, the kitchen includes everything required to introduce cooking to newcomers.


Advanced Training Kitchen

 Our advanced training kitchen is the right fit for advanced grade students, with the latest infrastructure to match the needs of the international hospitality industry. Spacious worktables in a large lab, with advanced culinary instruments, ovens, freezers and appliances, the kitchen can match all needs for international and experimental cuisine.

Training Restaurant

Food production and service requires meticulous practice, and there’s no better way to do this than to meet our own domestic catering needs. Our student dining area serves a dual purpose – a daily training ground as well as an essential requirement for all of our students.

Bakery and Confectionery

The industry-grade bakery and confectionery unit supports Michelin-level pâtissiers among our students. Our heavy-duty confectionery machinery can enable standalone projects and production-line grade work.

Front Office Training Room

The front office training room provides an immediate simulation environment to deal with the front desk in guest-facing, accountancy, HMS and reporting needs. We do this with latest HMS software, alongside a multitude of office tools here.


Smart Classrooms

Bright minds need the right ambience to unlock their potential. At Kartavyaa Foundation, we provide this environment with smart classrooms. We enable our students with the latest educational facilities alongside tech assets like projectors, audio-video systems and whiteboards.


The fully Computerized Library is equipped with well stocked volumes of text books, reference books, automated CD’s & periodicals spanning the entire spectrum of engineering discipline. The entire collection of books is readily available to students & teachers either for current reading in the library or facility for needy students with collection of books as well subscribers to all major newspapers, periodicals, publication national for home issue at the circulation counter. Library also provides book bank and international journals. Various kinds of reference books like encyclopedias, dictionaries and almanacs are available to the students. This immense reservoir of information and learning is source of constant value addition to the students and faculty as well.



Following world-class amenities are available to our students :

  • Seminar Hall
  • Auditorium
  • Computer Lab
  • Cafeteria
  • First-Aid Room
  • Pantry
  • Lifts
  • Separate Boys & Girls washroom
  • Parking
  • Biometric attendence system
  • Power backup system